43rd Production Sale

55 Phase C tested stud bulls, including 5 herd sires & 870 female animals

Friday 4 June 2021 @ 11am Liebenbergstroom, Edenville



The Sernick Bonsmara Stud is started in 1983 with 30 Bonsmara commercial heifers bought from Hannes du Preez and a bull from Gerhard Brön. These heifers are screened by Rex Butler and the stud registered.


In 1985 the Iffley Investments Bonsmara Stud as well as the Marie-Louis Bonsmara Stud of Andrew Makkink are acquired – increasing the number of breeding cows to over 500.


In 1986 Hennie Snyman is appointed as farm manager and a number of females from various well-known Bonsmara breeders are bought.


 In 1994 the annual sale exceeds R1m for the first time – an important milestone in the history of the stud.

2002 - 2004

In 2002 the stud is halved in order to finance other activities of the value chain. In 2004 the Wellstood Bonsmara Stud of Robert Taute is bought which increases the number of breeding cows to 550.


In 2008 the number of breeding cows are reduced to 250 to make space for the backgrounding of weaners for the feedlot.


During the period 2000-2010 the priority and focus is mainly on the other activities of Sernick Group’s value chain but since 2011 a great deal of energy and passion has gone into the stud. The results of these efforts are significant.


The highest price paid for a Sernick bull was in 2011 when NFS08-032 is sold to Jaap Prinsloo of the Marloo Bonsmara Stud for R775 000.00


The Mizpah Bonsmara Stud of Johan van Zyl is acquired in 2014 and the number of breeding cows once again reaches 550.


As a result of a renewed focus and attention on the cattle since 2011, a remarkable improvement in the quality of the cattle is observed. Three bulls are purchased at the Frontiers sale.


The average for bulls sold at the 2016 annual sale reach a new record of R66800. The marketing strategy seems to be paying off with more buyers attending the sale including a number of emerging farmers.


A new record year for bulls averaging R93000, the highest average for Bonsmara sales in 2017. The cow herd increases to 650 cows.


Another record is broken with bulls averaging R101000. This is the second highest of all Bonsmara sales during 2018 with Up George topping the list with LAR140173 breaking all records at R1.8m.  The focus moves to polled animals and a few polled bulls are purchased. Nick is elected on the Bonsmara Council as Vice President. The auction complex’s capacity is increased by 30 seats to 220 seats.


The cow herd now stands at 700 cows and the average of the bulls at the annual auction is just under R105000, the highest in the country. NFS16-296 is sold to Norman Adami for R700000. The auction complex seems to be too small.