43rd Production Sale

55 Phase C tested stud bulls, including 5 herd sires & 870 female animals

Friday 4 June 2021 @ 11am Liebenbergstroom, Edenville

Precision Sheep Range


The Sernick Precision Sheep range has been developed to meet the needs of ewes during all physiological stages in both extensive and intensive systems. All products are scientifically formulated and evaluated under practical farming conditions to ensure maximum efficiency for the progressive sheep farmer.

Products are formulated for maximum microbe protein synthesis and rumen health and are therefore safe to use if applied as prescribed.

Although general guidelines for the application of products can be provided, it is important to note that the daily nutritional needs of the ewe are influenced by a variety of factors at a given physiological stage, the following being the most important:

  1. Ewe condition and mass
  2. Multiple birth status
  3. Wool production
  4. Breed and genetic growth potential
  5. Roughage and pasture quality
  6. Camp size and activity

Since all these factors are taken into account in the development of the products, it is therefore important that a Sernick technical advisor be engaged to make final recommendations regarding the choice and daily intake per ewe per day. This will ensure that the producer gets maximum value from the products.