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Nketoana Local Municipality and the Sernick Group Join Forces to Create More Jobs

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Nketoana Local Municipality and the Sernick Group Join Forces to Create More Jobs

On the 7th of December, the Nketoana Local Municipality and the Sernick Group signed a five-year Memorandum Agreement to work together on establishing a flourishing red meat industry in the Nketoana Local Municipality.  Through this programme the honourable Mayor Mamiki Mokoena hopes to employ as many young people as possible, thereby integrating them as valued and contributing members of their community and encouraging them to remain in the area. The towns of Reitz, Lindley, Arlington and Petrus Steyn falls under the Nketoana Local Municipality and will expectantly benefit from this agreement. The project focusses on supporting emerging farmers as well as promoting agricultural entrepreneurship.

The programme consists of two phases of which the first phase is already completed. During phase one of the programme, the Sernick Group trained 100 emerging farmers in two short cattle courses. The training was sponsored by the Sernick Emerging Farmers Programme supported by National Treasury’s  Jobs Fund. Afterwards, each trainee received a certificate as confirmation of their participation and completion of both courses.

The second phase will deal with all possible commonage dilemmas that they might encounter as emerging farmers. “Here we will encourage herd health as well as herd productivity. The group will work very closely with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. We would like farmers to see the potential of a healthy productive herd in order for it to bring sufficient income to each household,” explains Patrick Sekwatlakwatla who has pioneered the Emerging Farmers Programme at Sernick. 

During this phase, several feasibility studies will also be undertaken for various value chain projects to be established in the Nketoana Local Municipality. Once the feasibility studies have been proven at a bankable level, they will be implemented with potential project partners.  This will include feedlots, maize mills, feed mills, retail outlets as well as an abattoir. The total anticipated cost will be between R360 to R400 million which will be obtained from various grant agents, financial development institutions and the private sector.

Nketoana Local Municipality is the first Municipality in the Free State to embark on a long-term relationship with a private company such as the Sernick Group.

For more information on the project, please contact Petro Naude at [email protected]

Sernick and the Councilors of Nketoana Local Municipality

Handing out certificates to four representatives of the 100 trainees.

Signing the Memorandum of Agreement with Mr Manzi Municipal Manager, Nketoana Local Municipality.

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