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Emerging Farmers

Questionnaire for cattle farming support

Background to the Sernick Emerging Farmers Programme

During 2018 to 2020 the Sernick Group together with the Jobs Fund at National Treasury undertook the very successful Sernick Emerging Farmers Programme with regards to cattle production.  The aim of the programme is to develop emerging cattle farmers into commercial cattle farmers over a long-term period. A number of valuable lessons were learnt from this exercise that was done in the Free State.

Reason for questionnaire

In order to find funding for the emerging farmers, Sernick needs to know which emerging farmers requests support. Sernick will then apply for funding either per province or District Council.  Whilst the process for applying for funding by Sernick is ongoing, Sernick will provide an information service for emerging farmers on cattle farming.

Sernick will also request Provincial DARD as well as District Councils to assist in executing this needs analysis.

Please ensure that you have a valid email address as all correspondence will take place via email.  Also ensure that your handwriting is clear.

If you do not fill in number of hectares or number of cattle it is presumed that you do not have cattle and or land. It is preferable that you actually fill in a zero if this is applicable to you.

Apart from filling in the questionnaire for the Needs Analysis, you are also welcome to fill in any question and comments in this space available.

The Needs Analysis Questionnaire

Your Cattle