43rd Production Sale

55 Phase C tested stud bulls, including 5 herd sires & 870 female animals

Friday 4 June 2021 @ 11am Liebenbergstroom, Edenville


History & Background

The Sernick Group

as it is known today was born from a young Nick Serfontein’s dream to become a farmer. He was advised by his parents to choose another career, which he did, but his dream of farming was a calling he just could not silence.

Then in 1983, Nick realised his long-time dream when he bought his first herd of 30 commercial Bonsmara heifers and a small piece of land. But one dream gives birth to the next and Nick’s constant search for the best, led him to expand into the next steps in the value chain – and the result is the Sernick Group, as it is known today – a diversified agricultural organisation that owns its complete value chain.

Based in Edenville and Kroonstad in the Free State, Sernick consists of a Bonsmara Stud, a commercial Bonsmara herd, a Phase C bull testing station as well as an animal feed factory, a feedlot, an abattoir and retail butcheries. Today Sernick consists of Seven business entities, each adding value to the group. The group employs more than 600 people with annual revenues of R 1.5 Billion.

Here at Sernick we are optimistic about the future of agriculture in South Africa. We plan to be as hardy and adaptable as the beautiful Bonsmara breed that defines our origin, and we are excited about the promises of innovation and improvement that the future holds for us. 

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Meet the Sernick Group