“Give thanks for what you are now, and keep fighting for
what you want to be tomorrow.” ~ Fernanda Miramontes-Landeros

We will remember the road that we have travelled from the point we started, because it has been a road of blood, sweat and tears; a road that has challenged everything that was dear to us, our value system, our lifestyle, and even our view of the universe

But it has also been a road of excitement, fun and friendship and we acknowledge the contributions of many people that travelled this road with us:

  • Our customers for your support and loyalty. You are our partners in creating value and your loyalty is our greatest reward
  • Our suppliers and service providers
  • Our people. They are our greatest asset

Our future depends on how we respond to our customers fast changing needs. We will meet the forces of change with power, courage and grace. We will work together; building relationships to create ever-greater value for our customers because we believe growth comes from looking at opportunity through the eyes of customers and all those we serve.

We have different companies, but one team and we believe that succeeding as one team is as important as succeeding independently.

We will keep the focus on one team.

Our employees are the engines of value creation and their imagination, determination and dedication are essential to growth. We will work to celebrate and reward their unique backgrounds, viewpoints, skills and talents.

We look forward to the future despite it’s uncertainties.