“To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.” ~ Bertrand Russell

The Feedlot was constructed in 1996 initially for 1500 cattle but has since been extended to 8000 cattle.

Weaners are mainly bought from outside and are backgrounded on the farm for a period of approximately 30-60 days before they enter the Feedlot for a period of 110-120 days when they are slaughtered at a live weight of approximately 450kg.

The average growth obtained in the Feedlot is 1.98kg per day.
The feedlot presently supplies only 25% of the daily slaughter at the abattoir. Water has always been a restricting element, but a large earth fill dam was constructed in 2014 and should yield sufficient water for at least 10000 animals. This will enable the feedlot to supply up to 40% of the daily slaughter.

Custom feeding is accommodated and a number of customers who buy their bulls from us are custom feeding at the Sernick Feedlot. We are also custom feeding for a number of emerging farmers as part of our Corporate Social Investment Programme and support to these farmers.
Apart from excellent management processes and systems, other key elements are the feed mixing and processing facilities that are considered of very high standard.

All the manure from the feedlot is used on the cultivated pastures.