“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached,
don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps”. ~ Confucius

The Feed Factory was constructed in 1997 mainly to provide feed to the bull testing station. Since then it has been extended to a capacity of 7000 tons per month of which approximately 35% is being used to supply feed to the Feedlot and the Farm. The balance of 4500 tons is sold to customers within a radius of approximately 250 kms.

A total of 115 different mixes are produced and include, dairy feed, cattle feed, licks, pig feed, sheep feed, game pellets, broilers and hatchers.

Our own transport fleet is used for all deliveries, while outside transport is used to bring in all raw materials.

Roughage is produced on the farm but all other raw materials including maize is procured from suppliers. Maize is sourced from grain producing farmers within a radius of 50kms from the feed factory.

Approximately 50% of maize consumption of 30000 tons per year is stored on the farm in maize bunkers.

For more information contact Christo Faasen at +27 82 579 4290 or christo@sernick.co.za
Distributor –¬†Bekker Meule & Veevoere at +27 17 647 5871 or bekkermeule@gmail.com