“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” ~ Henry Ford

Our farmland of 5000 ha in one block consists of 1200ha of cultivated pastures (mainly Smutsvinger grass) and 3800 ha of natural grazing. Approximately 60% of the land is used for the Bonsmara Stud Breeding and the balance is kept for the backrounding of weaners for 30-60 days before they enter the feedlot.

The farmland is divided into 220 camps – equating to a camp size of approximately 23 ha each. As a result of the cultivated pastures the carrying capacity has been improved from 5 ha per large stock unit (which is the norm for the area) down to 3 ha per large stock unit. A six camp grazing system is used whereby six camps are allocated to approximately 40-50 cattle that are moved from one camp to the next during the growing season.

Underground water from 38 boreholes is the main source of supply.  This excludes the feedlot for which a large dam covering 40 ha has been constructed.

Six cattle handling facilities are scattered over the 5000 ha to facilitate the handling of cattle.