“We should not judge people by their peak of excellence,
but by the distance they have travelled from the point they started” ~ Albert Einstein

The Sernick Group was founded by Nick Serfontein in 1983. The name Sernick was derived from his surname and first name, SERFONTEIN and NICK.

Nick was born in 1948 on the farm Liebenbergstroom, which remains the centre of the Sernick Group’s activities. Despite being born into a farming family, his parents convinced him that there was no future in farming. As a result, he studied Engineering at the University of Pretoria and then practised as a Consulting Engineer for 28 years during which he co-founded of the Bigen Africa Group of Consulting Engineers.

Farming was always his passion, which is why in 1983 he bought 30 Bonsmara heifers and 250 ha of land. During his time as a Consulting Engineer, he bought more land, extended the Bonsmara Stud Breeding, built a Phase C Bull Testing Station, a Feed Factory, a Feedlot, and purchased an Abattoir.

He retired as a Consulting Engineer in 2002 and devoted all his time to the Sernick Group. His son Carel joined the Group in 2002 after completing a MBA degree and was appointed CEO of the Group in 2014.

The present structure of the Group is shown below:

Group structure diagram

With a workforce of around 400 people, the Group’s turnover reached R1 billion in 2015 with the main contributors being the Feed Factory, Feedlot, Abattoir and Retail.


The seven business units are evaluated monthly by way of monthly management accounts and no subsidization takes place between these units.